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masters of business administration '15

“The MBA program showed me that professors definitely require deep thought, hard work, and commitment to education; but, they also showed me that professors really care about each student in their program and bringing students together as classmates and friends.


I worked in clinical nursing roles for many years, including certified nurse assistant, student nurse, clinical nurse, and charge nurse. I transitioned into nursing leadership roles, including assistant nurse manager, interim nurse manager, and nursing director. Although my professional and academic experiences were clinical care focused, my work roles had also become more business-oriented. So I sought out an MBA education to better grow in this area. Weber State considered my professional and academic experience during the application process and as a student, which helped me to wave taking an entrance exam and even modified some of my coursework requirements.


The MBA program at Weber State catered to a working professional like myself. The 8-week course schedule supported me in attending part-time, taking two classes a semester while only driving to campus one night a week. The non-cohort structure allowed me to take courses at my own pace, allowing me to set a graduation date that fit my schedule and needs. The MBA at Weber State was the most affordable program available while also maintaining the same accreditation standards as the larger-sized regional colleges.


The class sizes were small, allowing me to network with professors and fellow students easily. In many cases, I was able to modify the homework to be more relevant for my professional background. These modifications helped me to learn and apply the materials more readily. I even took a couple of guided reading / independent study classes, where MBA professors supervised me to implement MBA principles in workplace projects.


I developed a quick friendship and working relationship with Shaun Hansen. His knowledge of human resources, organizational behavior, and ethics was directly relevant to my professional work and academic interests. His commitment to me as a student has extended well beyond my time in the program. We regularly visit to form strategies for workplace and educational opportunities. I also worked closely with Jennifer Anderson, who helped me incorporate qualitative interviewing approaches into a work-related project. Finally, Matthew Mouritsen was very supportive of my education, offering consultation and support. These faculty gave me direct attention and helped me to gain personalized and professionally applicable learning experiences.


Do it! My MBA education was a great experience. It helped me step out of my comfort zone to pursue knowledge in an area of science that was unfamiliar to me. I use the concepts of my MBA program all the time. Not just in my daily work, but in my life.


Since the MBA, I began working for University of Utah College of Nursing, in addition to my full-time job. My MBA background was a factor in their decision to appoint me as adjunct faculty. My business background also influenced the assignments I received. I have now mentored several graduate students, taught and developed courses, and have presented as a guest lecturer. My work with the College of Nursing contributed to my interest in and acceptance in their Ph.D. program. The MBA journey was a catalyst in building this part of my professional and academic carrier. 


I continue to work at University of Utah Health as a Nursing Director. I started at this organization 19 years ago as a volunteer in the emergency room and progressed through many different roles. Most job moves required strategic thinking, academic training, networking skills, and a little luck. I have achieved a lot, and much of this success relates to my ability to think strategically, create opportunities, and work hard. The principles of the MBA program have contributed to my personal growth and were an important part of this journey.


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