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Flexible Options

Make it easier to make ends meet with a degree or certificate. Weber State offers classes online, in person or a combination of both to fit your busy schedule.



At Weber State, you can earn your degree with little to no debt. Then, you can turn around and use that degree to make more money at work. From scholarships to other financial aid opportunities, we’ve got you covered.


Coming Back to School

With affordable child care, tutors, peer mentoring and advising support, you’ll earn your degree quickly and efficiently at Weber State so you can get back to what’s important.


Reduced Cost Hourly Child Care

Child care is available for in-person and/or virtual classes and for studying, testing, tutoring, and/or homework time for as little as $3.50 per hour.



Applied? Not sure what to do next?

Talk to an advisor today! Advisors are key to making sure you're taking the correct classes to earn your degree quickly and efficiently. They can also connect you to other resources on campus including financial aid, technology assistance and career mapping. 

Know what you want to study? Find your advisor by college.

Not sure what you’d like to major in? Talk to the Student Success Center.

Call us! The Nontrad Center can help if you have questions: 801-626-7794


As a nontraditional student with six children, Lea Flinders wasn’t sure she would fit in or succeed, but found encouraging faculty and supportive peers at WSU.


20+ online degree options
225+ degrees and certificates
Student to faculty ratio 20:1
Best ROI in Utah 2022 Georgetown's Center on Education & the Workforce


Career Services

Get interviewing assistance, have your resume reviewed and more.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Weber State has a ton of financial aid opportunities to help make your college experience more affordable.

Money Management

Exactly what it sounds like, the Money Management Center can help you figure out how to pay for school.

Transfer Students

Find out if your credits transfer and what paperwork you’ll need to do.

Weber Cares Food Pantry

Food insecurity shouldn’t keep you from your dreams, and that’s where the food pantry comes in.


Whether you’ve taken a break for a little while or a long while, we can help get you enrolled.

Advising and Mentoring

Our advisors and mentors can tell you exactly what you need to do to reach success as a student.

Academic Help (in-person and virtual)

If it’s just been a long time since you’ve had to do long division or you need hands-on tutoring in your chosen field, there are lots of options at Weber State.