Past GCEL Projects

Taru, Kenya (2023)

Faculty, staff, students and community members helped build a new Learning Center in the village of Taru, where Kenyan students and community members can take classes, attend social gatherings,
and learn to use a computer.

Accra, Ghana (2022)

Students, faculty and staff helped build foster housing for children rescued from human trafficking and installed acoustical dampening solutions in classrooms by partnering with Ghana Make a Difference.

Nambouwalu, Fiji (2020)

Students, faculty and community members traveled to Fiji to finish projects undertaken in 2019, such as delivering and setting up a computer classroom with 30 computers and constructing a covered walkway on all sidewalks between classrooms on the Vuya District School campus.

Nambouwalu, Fiji (2019)

Students, faculty and community members constructed a computer classroom, teacher offices, sick bay for children, and addition to an existing pre-school. They worked side by side with the locals and school children to construct the projects.

Tororo, Uganda (2018)

In this eastern Ugandan village, a group of students in partnership with Hope 4 Kids International and the Lee Family Foundation helped to progress clean water and education initiatives while bringing to light a child sponsorship program.

Boane, Mozambique (2017)

Students helped add two new classrooms, a library, new books and a latrine to make life and education more accessible for the children of the Eduardo Mondlane Secondary School in Mozambique.

Chiclayo, Peru (2016)

WSU students faculty and staff collaborated with Juan Meja Baca University in Chiclayo, Perú to build a Women's Center, Children's Daycare, and bring water to a village.

Chiang Rai, Thailand (2015)

WSU students, faculty, and staff constructed a kitchen and dining facility for an orphanage. They also built a children's playground, added a water harvesting and retention system, installed a garden, and reconstructed a school near the Myanmar/Thai border.

Boane, Mozambique (2014)

WSU students and faculty helped construct a women's center with a computer room, a sewing area, and cooking school. These classes and others are offered on self reliance, budgeting and other self-help curriculum to set the women up for success and independence.