Frequently Asked Questions about FYE

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What is First Year Experience (FYE)?

First Year Experience (FYE) is a program that helps students explore, discover, and connect with the resources needed to succeed at Weber State. Whether the student has just graduated from high school or is coming back to school, FYE will help teach "the ropes" of university life.

What is Foundations of College Success?

Foundations of College Success (FYE 1105) is the 3 credit hour elective class offered by FYE. In this class you will learn all the skills and resources you need to do well in college. You can sign up for Foundations of College Success in either a cluster of classes or as a stand-alone class. 

What will I learn in FYE 1105: Foundations of College Success?

Great question! Check out this list of our learning outcomes to see what's in store should you choose to take this class.

What is a cluster?

Clusters are two to three pre-determined sections of courses put together by FYE which are grouped together to create a learning community of students.  One course will be Foundations of College Success (FYE 1105), while the other courses that are included in the cluster will vary by semester.  You may register for a cluster by using their specific course registration numbers, or CRNs, (found on the various Course Offerings pages) and sending it to First Year Experience (

What is a stand-alone?

A stand-alone section of Foundations of College Success is the 3 credit hour class by itself, not in a pre-determined cluster, that can fit into your other scheduled courses. You can register for a stand-alone section online through your student portal or at the registration window as you would any other class. See Course Offerings for more information.

Does Foundations of College Success fulfill any general education requirements?

No, but successfully completing the class will give you three elective credits that can be applied toward graduation.

How much does Foundations of College Success cost?

The cost of the course varies depending on how many credit hours you are taking. View the tuition and fee tables for more information.

What do peer mentors do?

Peer mentors act as an extra resource to students in the Foundations of College Success class by participating in class discussions, planning a class social, presenting on three Foundations of College Success related topics, and acting as a resource for campus information and activities. 

How do I become a peer mentor?

Go to the Prospective Peer Mentors page for information about Peer Mentors' requirements, responsibilities, qualifications, benefits, and the application process.

Where do I get my Wildcat ID Card?

You may get your Wildcard at the Information Center, located in the Shepherd Union Building or at WSU Davis Student Services.