Maximum Loan Amounts

This chart shows the maximum subsidized loan amount you are eligible for each year. If you are not eligible for this amount in subsidized loan you may receive it in unsubsidized loan.  Additional unsubsidized loan consideration is based on your dependency status as determined by your FAFSA.

Year in School Cumulative Credits Annual Subsidized Maximums Unsubsidized Dependent/ Independent Maximums
Freshman 0-29 $3,500                        $2000/ $6000
Sophomore 30-59 $4,500                       $2000/ $6000
Junior 60-89 $5,500                       $2000/ $7000
Senior 90-119 $5,500                      $2000/ $7000
5th Yr Senior 120+ $5,500                      $2000/ $7000
1st Yr Grad 0-12   $20,500 unsubsidized only
2nd Yr Grad 13-24   $20,500 unsubsidized only
3rd Yr Grad 25+   $20,500 unsubsidized only

To request additional loan assistance up to these amounts, print, complete and return the Student Loan Adjustment Form to:

WSU Financial Aid Office
3885 West Campus Dr Dept 1136
Odgen, UT 84408

This form can be used only after your initial award offer has been accepted or declined by you online.