Training Records Maintenance Procedure

Procedure Number: P01
Issue Date: January 18, 2012
Last Revision Date: January 18, 2012

Safety Training for Facilities Management Personnel

This document establishes a procedure and identifies persons responsible for maintaining safety
training records for Facilities Management employees.

PPM 5-31 Driver License Requirements
PPM 3-2a, Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)
PPM 3-7 Health Requirements
PPM 3-57 Safety/Accident and Injury Prevention

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database that Facilities Management
uses as a work management system.
Required Training: Any training required by Weber State University or the Environmental
Health and Safety Office for FM personnel as it pertains to job positions.

Responsible Party:
Facilities Management Safety Officer or designee

The FM Safety Officer will maintain records of safety-related training. Facilities Management
(FM) personnel will complete all required new employee trainings at the earliest date possible, as
dictated by availability of training schedule. FM employees will continue to complete any 
additional training or recurring training required by FM Safety Officer or their
manager/superintendent as it pertains to their position in FM.

A. FM Safety Officer Responsibilities
1. The FM Safety Officer will contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office
annually to determine the frequency and nature of training required for FM
2. The FM Safety Officer will ensure a record of all required training for FM employees
is maintained.
3. The FM Safety Officer may consult with the Safety Committee to review training
4. The FM Safety Officer will inform the manager/superintendent in writing of any
required training for employees in their area.
5. The FM Safety Officer will have access to view training completions entered into the
CMMS. The FM Safety Officer may request a report of completed trainings from the
FM Systems Analyst.

B. Manager/Superintendent Responsibilities
1. The manager/superintendent will create a training course schedule in the CMMS for
each required training.
2. The manager/superintendent will then request that the FM Business Office create a
work request for each training session.
3. The manager/superintendent will approve and assign the work request for each
required training.
4. The manager/superintendent will ensure the employee completes the training and
close the work request after completion.

C. FM Business Office
1. FM Business Office Customer Service Representative will create work request for
training per the manager/superintendent request.
2. Connect the work request with the personnel training record(s) in the CMMS (e.g.
note on the work request the training record number).

D. Employee Responsibilities
1. Employees will be scheduled for required training by their manager/superintendent.
2. Employees will notify the manager/superintendent of completion of training by
providing documentation (e.g. certificate of completion).
3. Employees will apply their time to the designated work request created for that
4. The employee may review the completed personal training record in the CMMS
under the “HR” module.