New or Separating FM Employee Checklist

Procedure Number: P03
Issue Date: February 27, 2012
Last Revision Date: February 27, 201

Checklist for New or Separating Facilities Management Employees

This document provides newly hired Facilities Management employees with a comprehensive
checklist to complete within the first six (6) weeks of their start date. Completion of the list will
ensure the employee is able to access all needed materials and services to accomplish their work.
A checklist for separating employees is also included in this document.

PPM 5-44 Lock and Key Policy
FM Procedure E01 Security Protocol for Computers in Facilities Management

Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS): Database that Facilities Management
uses as a work management system.

Responsible Party:
Director of Facilities Business Services or designee

Newly hired employees and their supervisors will follow the procedures contained herein to
ensure new employees begin their positions at Weber State University Facilities Management
with the items required for successful employment.
The employee’s supervisor, superintendent or manager will call the new employee to confirm the
start date, time and location of their first duties if the employee has not been previously notified. 
Separating employees will give proper notification of separation and return all University
property before departing.

A. Newly Hired Employee Checklist
1. Payroll Forms- Within 72 hours of the first work day, the employee will complete
the I-9 and W-4 forms at the Payroll Office for tax purposes. Contact the Payroll
Office for questions (801) 626-6031.
2. W Number- W numbers are required for all employees of Weber State University. If
the employee does not already have one, it will automatically be created when they
are placed on the payroll.

3. Time and Attendance System (TAS)- Payroll will place new hourly employees on
the Time and Attendance System. Note that pay rates for hourly employees will be
approved by the Associate Vice President for Facilities and Campus Planning.
4. Wildcat Account- Employee will set a Wildcat Account online at The option to create an account is found under “Create a
Wildcat Account” link on the page.
5. Wildcat Username- The employee will obtain a Wildcat username through their
Wildcat Account to access all the online systems for their position.
6. GroupWise/Novell Accounts- The employee will request an account for GroupWise
and Novell through the Weber State University website.
a. Select “Computing Support” under the A-Z index.
b. Click on “AccountRequest” on the left menu.
c. Choose an appropriate request form according to employee’s position.
7. CMMS Access- The employee’s supervisor will request rights and access in the
CMMS for Facilities Management to the new employee. The supervisor will
complete the procedure found in FM Procedure OP13 Rights and Access in the
CMMS for Facilities Management Employees.
8. Identification Cards- The employee will obtain the appropriate identification and
access cards for their work area. FM badges or proximity cards are obtained through
the employee’s supervisor.
9. Driver Safety Test- If the employee will be using campus vehicle for any reason for
any amount of time, they will complete the driver’s safety video and test found online
at (type this into the search engine
exactly as it appears here). The employee will give a copy of the test results to the FM
Business Office for record keeping and must be renewed every two years. 
10. Training- Employee will ask manager/supervisor about required training which they
will complete within 60 days of their official hire date. The employee
manager/supervisor will inform the employee of soonest available training schedule.
11. Using Gas Cards- If you manager approves issuance of a gas card, complete the
following steps: Complete the Driver’s Safety Test, the employee will submit an
email request for a gas card with their test results, driver’s license information and W
number to the Fleet Services Manager and use the PIN for each re-fueling of the
12. Parking Permit- A parking permit application is available at the FM Business Office
or at the Parking Services Office (Annex 5). The employee will be required to fund
their own permits and adhere to all parking rules and regulations for WSU.
13. Keys- The employee’s supervisor will fill out a key request form, obtain the
appropriate signatures and submit it to the Key Shop for processing. Key holders will
adhere to PPM 5-44 Lock and Key Policy.
14. New Employee Orientation- Attend “New Employee Orientation” with Facilities
Management. This will be available at various times during the year, so the
employee’s supervisor will be responsible for informing their new employees of the
nearest presentation date.

B. Separating Employees
1. Notification- FM prefers that all separating employees notify their supervisors of
separation in writing, at least two (2) weeks before the employee’s final day of work.
The supervisor will fill out the “Employee Leaving” form on the FM website under
“FM Forms.”
2. Keys – The employee will return their keys to the FM Business Office and receive
their refund for the key deposit at the University Cashier’s office or pay any fines
incurred for lost keys.
3. Badges – Any proximity cards will be deactivated per request of the employee’s
supervisor. Separating employees will notify their supervisor of separation date.
Other FM badges will be turned into the FM Business Office for disposal.
4. Personal Items – Any personal items stored in FM areas will be removed by the
employee upon separation. Any items left in the FM area after the separation of the
employee will be delivered to the University Lost and Found desk in the Shepard
Union Building.