Weber State Keys & FAQs


Key Types:

Grand Master: A key that operates multiple locks for multiple buildings.
Building Master: A key that operates all locks within a single building.
Department Master: A key that operates all locks within a single department.
Department Sub Master: A key that operates a limited subgroup of locks within a single department.
Individual: A key that operates one lock or two locks that are keyed alike within a building. 
Building Entrance: A key that operates outside doors only. This key is classified as a” Sub Master”. 


Getting Help

The Facilities Management Business Office provides training and assistance in a number of areas including help with completing forms, carrying out procedures, or interpreting key policy PPM 5-44. Call the Business Office at 801-626-6331 or email them today.


If you need help with ...

Contact ...

... determining the type of key that is appropriate for your
area or the overall key plan for your area.
Send an email request to the Key and Lock Shop at 

... obtaining a key.

Your department head (or other responsible official).
... reporting a lost key other than a grand master or great grand master key
Report it to the University Police


Facilities Management Business Office
... reporting a lost grand master or great grand master key.
Report it to the University Police immediately !


Then, report it to the Facilities Management Business Office
... interpreting the key control and access policy. (5-44 )
Facilities Management Business Office


Trevor Searcy, Building Access Manager 
… obtaining a key request form for a non-employee.

Key Request Form

State of Utah law prohibits the removal/installation of locking mechanisms or the duplication of any Weber State University key by anyone other than the University Key Office. WSU uses ASSA high security cylinders and keys to increase security and provide excellent key control. ASSA High Security Lock Company holds utility and design patents and will initiate a lawsuit against anyone (individual or company) who duplicates its keys except for its registered agent. The WSU Lock Shop is the only registered agent to make keys used by the University. 

Door locks may only be removed or changed by the University locksmiths.