Building and Space Access Policy

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This document provides a policy for Facilities Management staff on when to lock and unlock University buildings. This document also outlines the procedures for University personnel requiring access to University areas.


PPM 5-44 Lock and Key Policy

PPM 5-44a Electronic Access Policy

PPM 5-34a Vehicle Traffic on Campus Sidewalks

PPM 5-46 Campus Walkway Safety Policy



 Facilities Management Business Office: The office in the Facilities Management department responsible for requestor services. Hours are weekdays from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

 Facilities Management Staff Member: An employee of the Facilities Management department under the supervision of the Associate Vice President of Facilities and Campus Planning.

 Exterior Building Entrances: Main level, outside entrances to campus buildings (does not include exits from classrooms into interior hallways).

 Regular Business Hours: For the purpose of this policy, regular business hours for campus buildings are from 7:00 AM to 10:30 PM, excluding campus holidays and weekends.

 Requestor: Persons requesting access to University spaces, excluding contractors or vendors.

 University Space: For the purpose of this policy, any area of Weber State University which is restricted and secured by a lock or electronic device and is maintained by WSU Facilities Management.



 Facilities Management personnel will not provide access to University spaces without appropriate authorization, as per Weber State University policy 5-44.


According to regular, scheduled business hours, Facilities Management staff will lock and unlock exterior building entrances which are not equipped with electronic access controls. Buildings with electronic access controls will be programmed to lock and unlock according to the electronic access schedule for each building. Electronic access schedules for buildings vary and the Key and Lock Shop may be contacted for further information concerning electronic access.


A.    Regular Business Hours for Exterior Building Entrances

1.      Exterior building entrances will be accessible by 7:00 AM on weekdays.

2.      Exterior building entrances will be secured by 10:30 PM on weekdays to maintain regular business hours.


B.     Opening and Closing University Spaces for WSU Faculty and Staff

1.      Before contacting the FM Business Office to arrange for University space to be opened, faculty and staff of the University should direct requests to their departmental secretaries, supervisors, department head, chair, or dean as those people are more likely to know who belongs in which spaces than someone from FM.

2.      If someone from the department is not available to respond, FM may be able to help.  Before the FM Business Office will arrange for access, one of its employees will obtain the appropriate authorization to allow access to the University space (e.g. by contacting departmental secretaries, supervisors, department head, chair, or the dean or by consulting prior access approvals in the Key and Electronic Access System).

3.      After the authorization has been received and recorded on a work request, an FM staff member will be assigned to open a building entrance or University space for the requestor.  

4.      The requestor who was granted access will be responsible for locking the University building or space when finished. If the requestor is unable to do so, the FM staff member will ensure that the space is locked.

5.      Identification from the requestor may be required before the FM staff member will grant access.

6.     Work requests to grant access may be billable to the customer’s department.

7.      Electronic access will be addressed through the Key and Lock Shop.


C.    Emergency Situations

1.      Access to University spaces after hours, on weekends, and holidays is not normally authorized and Facilities Management personnel will not grant access to requestors at that time unless there is an emergency.

2.      If the requestor has an emergency and is unable to contact their department head, supervisor, chair, dean and the FM Business Office is closed, they may contact the FM Heat Plant Operator on Duty.

3.      The Heat Plant Operator will refer the request to the on-call University Locksmith and the locksmith will determine if the situation is an emergency.  The University Locksmith will attend to emergency situations. Access will not be granted for non-emergencies.

4.      A work request will be submitted and will be billable to the requestor’s department.