Lewis Weaver

Lewis Weaver, Former full time Firefighter, Owner of the LW Real Estate Team, Co Founder of Leaders Wanted Mastermind, and Associate Broker for Real Brokerage, started his career in the real estate industry over 19 years ago.  While selling real estate, he became a firefighter in the hopes of having a rewarding career that provided excellent benefits and allowed him to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavors on his days off. This worked well for a decade but he soon found that managing a thriving business while being sleep deprived from running calls all night would come with a heavy burden on his health.

After 3 heart surgeries in 10 years, Lewis decided he had to walk away from the fire service that he loved. Luckily, his fire service training worked well in the world of business, customer service, and leadership. This led to Lewis being a thought leader in the area of real estate, mindset, and coaching. The one thing he didn’t expect was the depression, anxiety, and stress that comes with processing trauma.

In a pursuit to resolve these issues Lewis tried many forms of therapy. What he found was a love for Breathwork. This form of self improvement has allowed him to find peace, clarity, and those “aha” moments that lead to a paradigm shift in life. In typical Lewis fashion, instead of just benefiting from Breathwork personally, he chose to invest his money and time to become a Breathwork facilitator for the purpose of giving back to his brotherhood and those struggling with similar conditions.