Dr. Robert Rennert

Dr. Rennert received his medical degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and, during this training, spent three years in a stem cell laboratory at Stanford. Following graduation, Dr. Rennert began his Neurosurgical training at the University of California – San Diego. During his residency, Dr. Rennert performed an enfolded fellowship in skull base and cerebrovascular surgery at the University of Arkansas with Dr. JD Day, as well as a CAST-certified enfolded fellowship in endovascular neurosurgery at UCSD with Dr. Alexander Khalessi. After residency graduation, Dr. Rennert completed a CAST-certified fellowship in skull base and cerebrovascular surgery with Dr. William Couldwell at the University of Utah, followed by additional complex open cerebrovascular training with Dr. Jonathan Russin at the University of Southern California. In addition to this clinical training, Dr. Rennert has a passion for research and an outstanding list of publications focused on innovations and outcomes in skull base and vascular neurosurgery, neuro-anatomy, and translational stem cell therapies.