Eligibility Q & A

Please note if you choose to do assessments through more than one source, i.e. Employee Wellness, Healthy Utah, Physician's Office, you will still only qualify for rebate(s) once every 300 days. 

Q: What is the process to apply for a Healthy Utah Know, Plan, Act rebate?

A: You can apply for a rebate by following these steps:

1. Complete a wellness assessment through Healthy Utah, Employee Wellness (blood lipid screening), or your physicians office.

2. Allow 2 weeks for your results to entered onto your PEHP account. You can find your latest testing results by logging onto your PEHP account, clicking on "My Health", then "Testing Results"

3. If you testing results are current, click on the "Take Health Risk Assessment" link. Then click on, "My Life Chekc Assessment" litsted under step one. 

4. Enter your testing results into the assessment. Print or save your results. 

5. Complete step two by filling on the drop down boxes. 

6. Click "Submit Query". Your rebate should be mailed to you within 2-4 weeks. 

Q: What if I am not due for my annual Employee Wellness assessment but do not want to wait for my anniversary date to begin the Healthy Utah/PEHP rebate process?

A: You may schedule a blood lipid screening by calling the Employee Wellness Office at x6480. Once your appointment has been scheduled, you might need to pay a $15 fee if you have already completed a blood lipid screening during the calendar year. Employee Wellness can then submit the results of this assessment to Healthy Utah. 

Q: What if I have never participated in WSU Employee Wellness or have in the past, but it has been longer than one year and I want to begin the Healthy Utah/PEHP rebate process?

A: If you have never participated in WSU’s Employee Wellness Program, or participated in the past, but it has been longer than one year, please start the assessment process by completing your Health Risk Assessment.

Q:  Can I complete an assessment through Weber State's Employee Wellness Program and Healthy Utah/PEHP each year?

A:  Yes.  You may choose to do this if you would like different anniversary dates for your wellness release time and your Healthy Utah/PEHP rebate(s).  Please keep in mind, you will still only qualify for rebate(s) once a year and you may incure additional costs. For the Healthy Utah/PEHP asssessment, you may vist their website to make an appointment.

Q: What if I prefer Healthy Utah do my assessment?

A:  You may go to one of their testing sites by making an appointment through your PEHP account.  You will not qualify for wellness release time, only Healthy Utah rebate(s).