Daniels Opportunity Scholarship for Paramedics

Bill Daniels was a born entrepreneur, widely considered one of the great business visionaries of the twentieth century and one of the earliest pioneers in the cable industry. Daniels' company, Daniels & Associates, brokered many of the deals that shaped the industry, and his leadership attracted many technology and communications companies to Denver, Colorado, making it the recognized "cable capital of the world."

Daniels was also a dedicated philanthropist, providing significant support to innovative education efforts. Daniels spent his final years laying plans for the Daniels Fund, which is now one of the largest foundations in the Rocky Mountain region, continuing Daniels' legacy of compassion and generosity across Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming through grants, scholarships, and an ethics initiative.

Criteria: The Daniels scholarship recipients need to be full-time, non-traditional students, admitted into an Emergency Healthcare program, and have a 2.7 GPA or higher. Applicants must also be a legal resident of Utah, Colorado, New Mexico or Wyoming. Note: Non-Traditional students are defined as those who are over 25, have a spouse or committed partner, are divorced/widowed, and/or are a parent.

Designation: Selection of the Daniel's scholarship recipients shall be made by the Emergency Healthcare Department under the supervision of the Department chair and processed through the scholarship office. Funds may be dispersed during the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters depending on availability and student need.

Uses: Tuition, fees, or other educational expenses.