Dr. Jonathan West


Ph.D. at University of New Mexico
M.S. at University of New Mexico
B.S. at University of New Mexico
Curriculum Vitae

Contact Information

Email: jonathanwest3@weber.edu
Phone: 801-626-6881
Office Location: NB 201A
Mail Code 1803

Courses Taught

ECE 1270 - Introduction to Electrical Circuits
ECE 3310 - Microelectronics I
ECE 3320 - Microelectronics II
ECE 6120 - Analog VLSI Design
ECE 6730 - Robotics

Research Areas of Interest

I am a hands-on, practical design engineer with broad industrial experience and a passion for solving new problems.  My industrial work covered many areas including embedded systems, radar, neural networks, power conversion and distribution, image processing, and high-speed low noise analog signal processing.

My Master's work focused on renewable energy, power conversion and battery technologies.  My Ph.D work involved computer vision, robotics and communications.

I believe the best engineers are those with a broad understanding in many areas and excellent problem-solving abilities, so that is the focus of my teaching.  I enjoy helping students participate in hands-on competitions such as the NASA Swarmathon and the F1/10th Autonomous car race.