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Write to Be Understood

No matter your profession, writing clearly and concisely can pay off. Through earning this Workplace Writing microcredential, you'll learn, practice and enhance your professional writing and presentation skills. This microcredential can enable you to confidently deliver written and oral communications that are accurate, informative and easily understood.

Program Highlights

Learn By Doing

Produce two polished pieces of writing, and create and deliver an oral presentation. Then upload those items to an eportfolio to share with employers.

Get Strategic

Understand the best practices of professional writing, and learn when to employ each practice in the writing process.

Build Confidence

You can become a better writer with a little practice and dedication. Learn online on your own time, and revisit lessons as necessary.

Program Info

Discover Context

Learn to analyze situations and audiences, then write for the occasion.

Learn Reading Styles

Plan for how your audiences will read your content, whether they are likely to skim or read critically, and everything in between.

Build Your Writing From Scratch

From gathering, choosing and arranging information, to finishing a draft, you'll learn to conquer the blank page.

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