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Level Up Your SQL Skills

Weber State University's SQL Intermediate course will help you go from a basic understanding of SQL to more advanced knowledge. Learn subqueries, joins, unions, how to make the right kind of query for the right data, and more. Earn a microcredential to prove your skillset to employers.

Program Highlights

Increased Depth

Go beyond basic queries, and learn how to make the right query for the right situation.

Dive into Data

Learn aggregate functions, join predicates, multiple columns, and many more skills that better enable you to manage data with MySQL.

Grasp Subqueries

Write subqueries that include calculated fields and aggregate functions. Use correlated subqueries and subqueries with IN, ANY, EXISTS, and ALL operators.

Program Details

Execute Joins

Learn about INNER JOIN, LEFT and RIGHT JOIN, FULL JOIN, and more.

Understand Unions

Write SQL UNIONS with single columns, different data types, multiple columns, and UNION ALL.

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