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Delve into Database Management

Begin to draw connections between databases with MySQL. This introductory WSU microcredential will show you how to install and work with scripts, create a physical database and more. Build a strong foundation for database management.

Program Highlights

Learn the Language

Get an introduction to SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML), and its parts and syntax.

Understand Functionality

Write basic SQL statements, make changes to SQL queries and use various aggregate functions (MIN, MAX, AVG, SUM, and COUNT).

Make Connections

Learn about INNER, OUTER and FULL JOIN functions. Find out when to use them to connect multiple tables.

Program Info

Foundational & Upskillable

Through this course, you will become comfortable with MySQL and ready to further your knowledge. Once you've earned your microcredential, check out other microcredentials for other upskilling opportunities.

Online & Self-Paced

Improve your skillset on your own time. This open-enrollment microcredential course is 100% online and self-paced. Complete content on your own terms.

Provable Programming Skills

Not only will you earn a digital microcredential as part of this program, you'll also have access to a Weber State University ePortfolio, which allows you to show potential employers the projects and skills behind the microcredential you earned.

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