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Emergency Healthcare Sciences

A paramedic leaning out of the back of an ambulance prepared to rush out.

Step up. Move forward in your emergency healthcare career.

Continue to answer the calling you love while leaving the trenches behind. Weber State University's Emergency Healthcare Sciences (EHS) bachelor's degree caters to licensed paramedics who are ready to move forward with their careers. Further your education and job prospects on your terms with an online degree option that allows you to join class without coming to campus.

Participants in this program must first have a National Registry EMS certification or state licensure.


Program Details



Based on your certification, licensure and/or previous college experience, you might be able to transfer up to 60 credits toward your bachelor's degree.




Out-of-state online students pay a flat rate of $291/credit hour, which is often more affordable than in-state tuition elsewhere. In-state-students pay regular WSU tuition and fees.




Our online program enables you to attend class while at home or on the go. Complete coursework any time of day. One hands-on course, Critical Care, is an in-person, week-long intensive course in Ogden, Utah.




Study management practices that contribute to the effectiveness of day-to-day EMS operations.



Training and Development

Dive deeper into EMS team roles, and practice delivering classroom and skills instruction to peers.



Established Expertise

Established over four decades ago, Weber State's emergency medical services program is one of the oldest and most successful in the country.