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Basic Construction Management Certificate

Construction Management

Prepare for the NACP Basic Construction Management Professional Exam

In a fully online format that you can access for six months, learn the NACP construction management standards and terminology that will help you prepare for the BCMP exam. Delve into scheduling processes, fundamental construction management and more.

About the Course

This program is based on the NACP Construction Management Professional Standard. Students can continue to study the standard over the course of six months in preparation for the exam. Topics include construction delivery models; contracting, bid and proposal processes; controlling quality, safety and documentation; and more.

About the Exam

When students are ready to take the Basic Construction Management Professional exam, a representative from Petersen Training will register them. The exam is 200 questions and will take approximately four hours to complete. A passing score is 70% and will result in a BCMP credential. Candidates who do not earn 70% can retake the exam two more times (for $200 per retest) up to six months after the first attempt. Candidates who do not pass those retests must wait six months after the most recent exam to take it again.



About Our Partnering Organization, Petersen Training

Utah-based experts in project management and leadership, Petersen Training was founded by Denis Petersen, PMP®, to provide expert training, consulting, coaching and e-learning development to clients across industries.

Petersen, a doctor of science in engineering management, has over 25 years of experience in project management and leadership. He has provided services in five continents in every industry. He is a U.S. Army veteran, owner of multiple businesses, published author and educator.

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Basic Construction Management Certificate