Teacher Assistant Path to Teaching (TAPT)

The TAPT Program was created by the Teacher Education Dept. in the 1995-96 academic year. The program was initially funded by "Goals 2000" monies received from the Utah State Office of Education. The TAPT Program was created because of a request from the superintendents of six school districts surrounding Weber State University. The school districts are No. Summit, Morgan, Box Elder, Weber, Davis and Ogden City. The superintendents had a critical need for English as a Second Language/Bilingual teachers in their respective districts. Weber State complied with that request and thus the TAPT Program was born. The participants must be paid teacher assistants in their respective districts with the desire and commitment to become fully licensed teachers.  The program continues to add new applicants each year as funding is available. In response to another request from the area superintendents, Weber State University has expanded the TAPT program to include any teacher assistant working in the schools.  The program continues to target those working specifically with ESL, Early Childhood, and Special Education students.  The TAPT Program exists because of the generosity of private donors who not only helped start the program, but also have been contributors along the way. The TAPT program has a 96% graduation rate, which includes receiving Utah State teaching license.

The TAPT program pays partial in-state tuition, but does not pay student fees, transcript fees, developmental fees or individual lab fees.

Program Director:  Shirley Dawson, 626-7853, shirleydawson@weber.edu 
Administrative Support: Jackie Shafer,  626-7515, jackieshafer@weber.edu

Please note:  
Executive Committee:  Dr. Jack Rasmussen, Dean, Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education, Shirley Dawson, Jackie Shafer and Carol VandenAkker