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Family Studies Minor

Add an in-depth knowledge of issues regarding children and families to your degree program.

What You’ll Learn

You will develop a respect for diversity and the ability to create environments that enhance the lives and healthy development of children, adults and families over the life span.

If you are majoring in another field with a concentration in children and families (i.e. social services, child welfare, etc.), the family studies minor adds depth to your course of study and reinforces an understanding of complex family dynamics.

Grade/Hour Requirements

You must maintain an overall GPA of 2.00 or "C" in courses used toward the minor.

A minimum of 18 credit hours is required. At least 6 credits must be upper division (courses numbered 3000 and above). The Department of Child & Family Studies will only accept 2 transfer courses for the minor.


Family Studies courses are offered at Weber State University Ogden and in Davis County (Davis High School and Weber State Davis). Davis County courses are held in the evening.

Some classes will be offered in a hybrid format (a combination of traditional face-to-face instruction and online learning.

Health 3500 Human Sexuality is only offered online or at WSU Ogden Campus.

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