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Follow Up CBC and Differential Results

  Patient Normal Values
WBC 6.5x10³/mm³ 3.9x10³/mm³
RBC 4.60x5.90 /mm³ 4.40x5.90 /mm³
Hb 14 gm/dl 14-18 gm/dl
Hct 42% 40-52%
MCV 91 fl 80-94 fl
MCH 30.5 pg 27-31 pg
MCHC 33 gm/dl 31-36 gm/dl
Platelets 220x10³/µL 150-400x10³/µL

Differential Results

  Patient Normal Value
Band   0-5%
Neutrophil 55% 54-62%
Lymphocyte 35% 20-40%
Monocyte 5% 4-10%
Eosinophil 3% 1-3%
Basophil 2% 0-1%
Blasts   0%


Peripheral Blood Smear

Original Blood Smear

Instructor's notes:

In this peripheral blood smear note that the red blood cells are normal in size and hemoglobin content (normocytic and normochromic). Mature white blood cells are now present in the peripheral blood. There is also a representation of different cell lines (in this case a lymphocyte is on the left and a neutrophil is on the right). Noah's original blood smear is included below for comparison.