Botany Major, Monica Romney


The best thing about being a botany major is that it’s a very small group of people and we are all very close. We all take classes together and we all pretty much go through the program at the same time.

The type of person who would make a good botany major is anyone who is fascinated by plants — if you love plants, become a botany major; if you love to know how plants work, become a botany major; if you’re simply excited about being outside, botany would be a great major.

The things I’ve learned in botany have been such a variety. We’ve learned about the cell structure, the biology of plants and how they function. We’ve learned about how to grow the plants and how to start plants from other plants; so you cut a leaf off, start it, and a whole new plant will grow.

After I graduate, I would like to get into the school systems to teach children about plants, nutrition, and how plants can benefit them in their life. I wish people knew that the college of science wasn’t so foreboding. People are afraid of science, but the staff here are so amazing. They want you to succeed and they will do whatever they can to make sure you understand the concepts if you don’t understand them.

My name is Monica Romney, I am a botany major also getting a major in geography and a minor in nutrition education.

"I think students should know more about where their food comes from."

Monica wants to use her degree in Botany to help improve nutrition in elementary schools with community gardens.