Botany Student: Jackie Parker

How did you decide on your program?

I have had a deep affinity for plants since an early age. I was first introduced to cultivating and caring for plants at my grandparent’s homestead in Oregon. As I grew up I developed a love for the natural world and began appreciating plants for their intrinsic beauty and critical role in the world.  Throughout my schooling Art and Biology have always sparked my creative and intellectual interest. I came to realize that the perfect unison of beauty and science culminated in the field of botany.  After several attempts to find a college biology program which included plants as an equal and independent branch of study, I found my way to the Weber State Botany Department.

What’s the best part about being a Botany major?

The botanists are the best part about being a botany major. We each have our different interests within plant science: agriculture, genetics, biochemistry, ecology, forestry, taxonomy, ethnobotany etc., but we unite under our shared passion. We are a community of plant geeks, and enthusiastically support each other in reaching our educational goals. 

What do you wish more people knew about the College of Science?

I wish more people appreciated how rare it is to be able to choose a specialized field as an undergraduate. As I biology student I found it increasingly disheartening to be forced into anthropo/zoo-centric programs (a frustration which eventually led me to seek out Weber State).  Here, science students are granted more freedom to follow their passions, be it microbiology, geoscience, physics, zoology, or botany.

Also, the undergraduate research opportunities in the Weber State department of Science are incredibly unique. What really ignited my fire for science was designing, conducting and presenting my thesis project. I’m truly grateful to my mentor and department for allowing me to be a part of such an enlightening experience.

"It's too difficult to choose a single favorite class ..."

Jackie loves the community atmosphere that comes with being a Weber State student. "I’ve never been in such a small group of so many wonderful people. The faculty, staff, and students are what make Weber State such an amazing place."