Previous Program Review: 2000 - 2005

Year of Review
 Program Recommendations
Next Review
2000-01 Radiologic Sciences Develop a long and short-range technology plan
Design and implement a study to evaluate methods used to deliver educational programs to distance learners
Develop an evaluation process for clinical sites
Develop a process for the selection of clinical sites
Progress report due fall 2003
2000-01 Social Work Develop a systematic approach to assessment
Document how the values and ethics content are infused into the curriculum
Discuss the integration of research into the curriculum
Progress report due spring 2002
2000-01 Teacher Education Composition of teacher education candidates has limited diversity
Some faculty workloads are excessive
Not all teacher preparation programs are organized and coordinated by the teacher education department
2001-02 Bachelor of Integrated Studies Identify faculty in each department interested in advising BIS students
Expand the credit hours of History 3800 from 1 to 3
Expand the Capstone to include experimental projects
Monitor program growth with respect to Coordinator's role
2001-02 Emergency Care & Rescue Identify terminal program objectives for all graduating seniors
Update curriculum to meet NSC standards
Update library resources
2002-03 Botany Improve undergraduate research experiences of students
Increase program visibility
Use alumni evaluations in outcomes assessment
Involve alumni in program
Provide space for adjunct faculty to meet with students
2002-03 Chemistry Increase funding for program
Evaluate curriculum, including the Chemistry teaching major, upper division Chemistry hours, online courses, HPLC in labs
Actively recruit students, and improve counseling of existing students
Employ full-time faculty at Davis campus
Clarify faculty intellectual property rights with online courses
2002-03 Geosciences Restore GIS faculty position
Track alternate year courses and impact on students
Improve cas flow into dept. with alumni giving
2002-03 Mathematics Focus on student access to and success with developmental math
Increase numbers of majors
Develop math lab facility
Hire replacement Ph.D. faculty as retirements occur
2002-03 Microbiology Need for reallocation of resources and faculty positions in the college
Develop a coordinated recruitment effort
2002-03 Physics Modify student learning outcomes
Recruit majors
Obtain funding for undergraduate research
Focus on experimental faculty research vs. theoretical research
2002-03 Zoology Improve facilities
Develop additional funding sources
Replace retiring faculty
Reorganize pre-med advising responsibilities
2002-03 Nursing Work with the administration to increase salaries for the Nursing Program administrator and faculty
Clarify the variability of credits in general education needed to graduate based on the fact that the Practical Nursing program is offered on multiple geographic campuses.
2002-03 Dental Hygiene Standardize course syllabi/modules outlines
Make available the policies on blood borne and infectious diseases to applicants for admissions
2002-03 Health Information Management

Ensure that students have adequate didactic instruction, exposure and access to HIM software functions prior to going on the PPE
Develop an evaluation plan based upon program goals
Review and revise goals such that they cover all required areas
Include a goal that assures student competency in their revision of goals
Review and revise courses in medical science such as pharmacology at the appropriate level
Develop a method of communication between program faculty and practicum supervisors.

2003-04 Honors Increase efforts to recruit students by working with other campus offices and programs
Strengthen relationships with academic departments
Identify ways to have faculty teach Honors classes as part of their regular load
Create an alternative Honors track for students who are late in their academic careers
Make the director's term longer than 3 years, pending successful reviews
Honors Council meetings
2003-04 Family Studies and Early Childhood

Family Studies recommendations:
          Support faculty scholarship efforts
          Increase the department budget
          Add to the diversity of the faculty when making new
          Employ a full-time faculty member at the WSU Davis
          Offer more evening and online courses
          Promote the department within the university
          Track seniors after graduation and offer continued
          support for professional growth
Early Childhood recommendations:
          Recruit minority faculty
          Improve the curriculum's anti-bias, diversity component
          Offer more evening and online courses
          Offer earlier teaching experiences in diverse settings

2003-04 Health Promotion Clarify Professional Health Education tracks within the major
Design curriculum patterns with core courses, sub-core courses and elective courses to provide clear directions for students
Seek out new internship placements
Design assessment and evaluation methods for online courses
2003-04 Human Performance Management Revise the paperwork required for the internships
Re-evaluate the requirements for the senior project
Evaluate the program, with community contacts expanded, to raise the department's graduate placement rate
Develop a well-established internship program
Improve the utilization of the department advisor and website to enhance communication with students
Develop a comprehensive exit process to provide data on target employment opportunities and graduate school acceptance
2003-04 Manufacturing, Mechanical and Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology Overall ABET recommendations:
          Develop an alternative approach to recover the cost
          associated with the job placement process
          Delete the prerequisite of HU 1120 to give students
          more flexibility in selecting other liberal arts courses
          Organize student work by courses for the purpose of
          ABET evaluation
2003-04 Manufacturing Engineering Technology Increase the number and rigor of written and oral communication assignments used in the technical course work
Modify course content to focus on the applied aspects of science and engineering
Improve the quantitative measures and data analysis to evaluate student progress toward achieving the learning objectives
2003-04 Mechanical Engineering Technology Refocus the multiple leadership roles of the program coordinator to allow sufficient time commitment to provide effective and focused leadership for the Mechanical Engineering Technology program 2009-10
2003-04 Computer & Electronics Engineering Technology

Computer Engineering Technology:
          Define appropriate program objectives, review upper-
          division curriculum, and revise course content and
          program direction accordingly
          Develop course outlines based upon ABET guidelines
          and make this information available to students
          Implement a fully functional assessment plan use it to
          evaluate the program
          Identify program educational objectives, and compile
          and interpret appropriate assessment data to determine
          if objectives are being met
Electronics Engineering Technology:
          Implement a process for conducting and documenting
          formal assessment of student learning prior to
          graduation, a process for evaluating these assessments
          and a means of applying them to the development and
          improvement of the program
          Identify program objectives, and compile and interpret
          appropriate assessment data to determine if the
          objectives are being met

2003-04 Computer Science

Develop a system of communication between University IT Division, lab managers and the faculty
Continue to use the Advisory Council for developing ways to improve programs
Hire more qualified faculty
Keep course work up-to-date
Expand the opportunities for faculty to obtain additional educational credentials
Require more mathematics for the Systems Integration emphasis or more mathematics and science for the Software Engineering emphasis that will better meet ABET accreditation standards

2003-04 Technical Sales and Sales & Merchandising Require the course in retail merchandising and buying methods in the Technical Sales program to boost English and business math skills
Offer additional on-campus sections of courses with high enrollments
Review concurrent enrollment program with area high schools to examine its usefulness
Establish an adjunct faculty mentoring system and assign them to full-time faculty
Involve more faculty in student advising
Continue close cooperation with local businesses
Separate the Automotive programs from this department
Work with the University Development Office to secure outside funding
2003-04 Automotive Create a separate department for these programs
Implement a clearly defined learning outcomes assessment plan
Increase legislative funding for the programs
2003-04 Interior Design Technology Advance current half-time faculty to full-time status and hire additional faculty
Provide a student tecnology assistant and a lab assistant in the resource library
Provide better course sequencing, add prerequisites, and number courses appropriately with year of study
Increase collaboration with other departments, especially with arts and theater
Provide more visible areas for displays of student work
Increase technology to support areas of interior design
2003-04 Design Graphics Engineering Technology Hire an additional faculty member to meet increasing enrollment
Provide continual training for faculty to keep current with technology
Outcomes data should be used to improve the program
2003-04 Business Education

Add a personal finance class to meet the new state requirement in the public schools
Review scheduling of faculty into related courses
Hire a full time advisor
Hire an additional faculty to meet increased student demand

2003-04 Telecommunications Seek a national telecommuncations or related curriculum model
Create internship/practicum coordinator within the program
Review the schedule for class offerings
Use the advisory committee for program planning and improvement
Hire one additional faculty member
Provide additional office and classroom space
2004-05 Communication Department funding (general operations, capital budget)
Create a plan to correct faculty salary disparities to improve retention and recruitment
Improve the teaching facilities, including minor issues and long-term renovation and replacement of Bldg. 3
Increase faculty research efforts
Provide one additional full-time staff position, or two part-time positions
2004-05 English Revise teaching loads to be more consistent with those at peer institutions
Adjust class enrollment sizes in writing/composition courses to be more consistent with those at peer institutions
Reduce faculty assignments for teaching composition courses to one per year from one per semester
Expand community recruiting efforts to increase ESL Program enrollments
Develop or revise, and consistently apply policies on faculty reassigned time
Increase travel and research funds
2004-05 Foreign Language Improve classroom space and technological resources
Consider creating a "Foreign Language Resource Center"
Re-examine the role of adjunct faculty
Increase the faculty who are American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) trained and are Oral Proficiency Interview certified
Revise the Departmental student learning outcomes and assessment strategies to be compliant with national foreign language and teacher education standards
Improve student advising processes in terms of record-keeping and frequency of advising
Increase full-time faculty presence at WSU Davis
Develop a college-wide student evaluation instrument to enhance data analysis
2004-05 Performing Arts Create Area Coordinators in Music, Theatre, and Dance to assist the Chair
Alternatively, create two departments with two chairs (Music, Theatre/Dance)
2004-05 Visual Arts The DOVA programs are strong, should be continued, and expanding
Increase funding for facilities, personnel, equipment
Increase the number of full-time, tenure-track faculty
Implement strategies to meet goals contained in the DOVA self-study
Continue and increase fund-raising support
Increase student evening and weekend access to the facility
Improve student specialized career preparation advising
2004-05 Health Services Administration & Long Term Care Maintain university accreditation and program certification
Publish the Program mission statement, goals, and objectives
Establish a formal job description statement for the Chair that includes reassigned time
Request reassigned time for faculty for scholarly activities
Create a list of the practifioners, beyond part-time faculty, who support the program
Clarify the financial statement of the role and purpose of the advisory committee
Revise the professional socialization activities and opportunities provided to students
Provide more explicit course selection and sequencing information for part-time students
Establish prerequisites for the HAS 3000 courses.
Develop objective criteria that clearly document internship requirements and required faculty meetings
Improve alumni and employer data gathering procedures
Expand the role of faculty, other than the Chair, in reviewing student internship evaluation reports
Systematize and share information on the outcomes of using face-to-face and virtual teaching
Explore ways to diversify and reach out to minorities of various populations in the state and region
2004-05 Health Information Technology Include more content in a variety of information technology areas; in clinical quality assessment and performance improvement; in clinical classification systems; and in legal and ethical issues 2007-08
2004-05 Construction Management Technology Revise the curriculum to include all required content areas
Provide more faculty to create more appropriate student:faculty ratio
2004-05 Athletic Training Expand student exposure to wider variety of allied health professionals
Expand the clerical support for the ATEP Director
Develop a clinical coordinator position and make this exclusive to the ATEP
Continue faculty and staff professional development support so they can maintain NATABOC certification
Make students aware of the location and access to the student grievance process
Implement a process by which students are viewing surgery by Fall semester 2003
Increase student scholarship funds
Revise the Technical Standards form to minimize student confusion and enhance student success