Projects Funded in 2003-04

Name (PI) Title   Department(s) College Rank w/in College ARCC Request Full/Partial
Hill, Warren Windows Labs Server Upgrades COAST-ARCC Proposal Form.pdf Computer Science Applied Science and Technology (COAST) 1 of 1 $20,000
Johns, Becky DVD camcorders for support of student speaking and learning to replace 10 year old and inoperable cameras AH-DVD-camcorder-proposal.pdf Communication Arts & Humanities 2 or 8 $2,222 partial
Reddout, Terri Upgrade of video editing software and computer AH-VideoREDDOUT.pdf Communication Arts & Humanities 6 of 8 $1,790.00 partial
Maxson, Mark ProTools (Mbox) recording software/hardware, proTools USB keyboards AH-ProToolsProposal.pdf Performing Arts Arts & Humanities 4 of 8 $5,690
Spanos, Tony Wireless access for bldg. 1 AH-WirelessSpanos.pdf Foreign Language Arts & Humanities 8 of 8 2600
Spanos, Tony multimedia classroom in bldg. 1, room 142 AH-MMCamSpanos.pdf Foreign Language Arts & Humanities 3 of 8 6860 partial
Davis, Jeff Business Intelligence, Audit and Security (BIAS) Lab B-BusinessIntelligence.pdf Accounting and IS&T Business and Economics 3 of 3 $12,228 partial
Belflower, Shelly computers for classroom B-Computer Proposal ARCC04.pdf N/A Business and Economics 1 of 3 $2,076
Belflower, Shelly projector upgrades B-Projector Proposal ARCC04.pdf N/A Business and Economics 2 of 3 $3,539
Ruden, Tim Human performance lab multimedia station upgrade ED-Ruden-ARCC Proposal 2004.pdf Health promotion and Human performance Education 1 of 2 $5,612
Rasmuseen, Jack Multimedia technology/teaching stations ED-Rasmussen-arcc04.pdf Teacher Education, child and family studies Education 2 of 2 $25,624
Gundy, Craig Learning center testing computer system replacements HP-2004 ARCC LRC Proposal.pdf DCHP learning center Health Professions 1 of 2 $4,400 partial
James, Stephanie Bossenberger Equipment upgrade with replacement of LCD ceiling mounted projector in the classroom HP-ARCC Proposal LCD projector.pdf dental hygiene Health Professions 2 of 2 $2,652
Peters, James Complete multimedia projection system S-Peters-multimedia.pdf Math Science 4 of 8 $5,780
Arnold, Michelle Updating the forty year old computer hardware and software in the nuclear lab of the physics department S-arnold.pdf Physics Science 8 of 8 $8,300
Lorowitz, Bill multimedia for instruction in microbiology S-arccmicro04.pdf microbiology Science 2 of 8 $1,541
Hernandez, Michael GEAR (geospatial and environmental applied research) lab & SL 328 classroom upgrades S-mike-hernandez_Proposal_form_2004.pdf Geosciences Science 3 of 8 $3,169
Trask, Barbara Enhancement of zoology instruction S-Trask2004ARCC.pdf zoology Science 5 of 8 $2,914
Bernal, Diego Multimedia refurbishment for Lind lecture hall 130 S-ARCC Bernal.pdf zoology Science 1 of 8 $2,000
Fowler, Lauren Mobile multimedia cart for psychology SBS-Fowler.pdf Psychology Social and Behavioural Sciences 5 of 5 $2,903
Bedford, Daniel Multimedia upgrade for geography classrooms SBS-Bedford-ARCC-2004.pdf Geography Social and Behavioural Sciences 2 of 5 $3,572
Heward, Michelle and Scott Senjo Classroom multimedia enhancement project (ss bldg room 226) SBS-heward.pdf Criminal Justice Social and Behavioural Sciences 3 of 5 $8,800 partial
Murray, Leah Classroom multimedia enhancement project (ss bldg room 203) SBS-203 proposal.pdf Political Science and Philosophy Social and Behavioural Sciences 1 of 5 $5,370
King, Bob Enhancement of multimedia services computer lab and classrooms for the mov into Lampros Hall IT_King.pdf Multimedia Services (old CATS) IT Division 1 of 1 $11,731 partial