Projects Funded in 2002-2003 (for budget year start 7/03)


Dept. or College Faculty Project Title Amount Funded
Science F. Amiri LCD Projectors for classroom Instrtuctions $4,788
Geography D. Bedford Smart Classroom $1,804
Chemistry L. Berghout Comp Appl for Visualizing Physical Chemistry Probs $1,000
Social Work/Geron M. Bigler Intern Placement Tracking Software $2,352
Mathematics D. Blackinton Mathematics Classroom Networking, B4- 2 rooms $4,626
Accounting J. Davis Instructor Desktop Station for WB120 $1,800
Computer Science D. Ferro Screen Recorder for software development $1,192
Psychology L. Fowler Wireless Access Points $1,000
Psychology L. Fowler Classroom Multimedia Enhancement Project: SS349 $5,700
CHP C. Gundy Testing Computer Replacement $8,393
Communication R. Halley Upgrade of Classroom Presentation Equip. $2,000
COBE B. Handley Classroom projectors, WB105, 113, 115 $4,770
HPHP T. Ruden HP Lab Printer Upgrade $1,099
Communication T. Sanders (R. Scott) Classroom Projection System $2,058
Clinical Lab Science Y. Simonian Upgrade Computer Hardware in CLS Lab $9,735
Physics J. Sohl Multimedia System for Physics Lecture room 121 $3,000
Foreign Language T. Spanos Online Language Lab $10,000
Botany B. Wachocki Replacement of video visualizer $1,537
HPHP T. Ruden HPHP Projector for room 29 $1,268
COAST D. Hart Davis Compus Computer Lab $20,000
Library J. Lamborn Mobile Assistive Tech Worksation for WSU-Davis $4,980.00
History G. Lewis AXIS Technologies for translating new china cinema $2,699.00
Geosciences M. Matyjasik Geospatial and Environ Applied Research $3,606
Performing Arts M. Maxson Performing Arts Computer Lab $5,222
Teacher Education V. Napper Camcorders, Cameras and Visualizer for Teacher Ed $7,518
Zoology B. Okazaki Enhancement of Zoology Faculty Instruction $1,700
Respiratory Therapy M. Oki Portable Computer Instruction $1,268
Mathematics J. Peters Multimedia Projector Replacement $8,712
Education J. Rasmussen Classrooms with Technology Stations $21,000
ARCC Special Project      
ARCC Special Project