Projects Funded in 2001-2002


Dept. or College Faculty Project Title Amount Funded
Science F. Amiri Computer for Physics Majors Room $1,190
Health Professions J. Bossenberger Replace Dental Hygiene Clinic Computers $18,000
Science J. Cavitt Enhance Multimedia Instruction for Zoology $4,300
Health Professions G. Christensen Learning Center Testing Computer Replacement $8,393
Social Science E. Ewert Geographic Information Technology $1,300
Arts & Humanities R. Halley Classroom Media Expansion Project $3,626
COAST W. Hill Computer Lab Upgrade Project $12,000
Science T. Johnson Visual Learning Aspect of Online Chemistry Courses $2,050
Library J. Lamborn Projector for Off-Site Instruction $3.200
Arts & Humanities M. Maxson Multimedia Audio Mixer $1,309
Education V. Napper Mobile Computer Cart $4,486
Arts & Humanities V. Ramirez Hardware for Student Production of Department Newsletter $2,600
Education T. Ruden Human Performance Lab Computer Upgrade $3,096
Arts & Humanities T. Sanders Digital Video Conversion Project $5,065
Science J. Sohl Electronnics Design & Computer Interfacing Enhancement $3,390
Science J. Sohl Computer & Video Projection in the Planetarium $3,087
Science D. Vaughn Remote Sensing & GIS Lab Equipment Upgrade $3,750
Social Science H. Wei & G. Lewis Translating New China's Cinema for English-Speaking Audiences $4,635
ARCC Special Project   Upgrading CATS Faculty Lab $22,310
ARCC Special Project   Wireless Classroom for Social Science $20,000