Projects Funded in 2000-2001


Dept. or College Faculty Project Title Amount Funded
Dumke College of Health Professions M. Kotter and D. Charlesworth Enhanced Peery Lecture Hall (MH 101) $1775
Microbiology M. Sondossi Multimedia Capacity for Classroom/Lab Instruction for Microbiology $7437
Social/Behavioral Sci W. McVaugh Interactive Computer Learning Laboratory $7990
College of Applied Science and Technology W. Hill Electronic Classrooms $10,800
Child and Family Studies C. Merrill Classroom Technology Stations $14,980
Visual Arts J. Jacobs DOVA Imagery Database $17,122
Telecommunications and Business Education A. Talbot Multimedia Equipment for Multimedia and Business Communications Courses $4009
Sociology and Anthropology R. Reynolds Multimedia Classroom $6575
Geosciences D. Vaughn Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory Equipment Upgrade $5000
Library J. Lamborn ILLiad Interlibrary Loan System $7000
Information Systems and Technology P. Logan Implementation of an Advanced Networking Laboratory for the Instruction of Information Security Techniques $9604
Dumke College of Health Professions P. Shaw Classroom Displays for the Dumke College of Health Professions $6394
Geosciences A. Yonkee RockWorks Software Package for Geoscience Courses $1000
Physics and Electronic Engineering Technology J. Sohl Software for Upper Division Laboratories $3335
Radiologic Sciences J. Van Valkenburg Display and Development of Digitized Medical Images for Classroom Presentations $5775
John B. Goddard School of Business and Economics J. Davis Laser Printer for Goddard School of Business Computer Classroom/Lab, Wattis Building Room 120 $2950
Health Promotion and Human Performance T. Ruden HPLab Computer Upgrade $3000
Foreign Languages and Literatures T. Spanos Visual Presenter for Foreign Language Smart Classroom $1775
Communications R. Sanders Digital Video Conversion Project $2533
Zoology J. Clark Computing and Imaging Technologies for Molecular Genetics $8985
Social Work M. Bigler Mobile Multi-Media Classroom in Social Work $2700
Chemistry L. Berghout Computational Chemistry $6150
Performing Arts J. Lawrence Two Advanced Multimedia Work Stations for Dance, Music, and Theatre $6420
Telecommunications and Business Education A. Talbot Special Project: Portable Electronic Classroom $64,000
(provided by WSUSA and student fees)