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We’re excited to introduce our first Active Learning Space on campus.

The active learning space is located in Lampros Hall room 201. This adaptive classroom allows easy transition from a traditional lecture environment to 5 breakout pods, where students can brainstorm ideas, explore solutions to problems and work together on projects. Instructors can share their screen with each individual pod and can even display work from one pod to the other pods.

By taking advantage of active learning spaces like this, instructors can build a more collaborative and effective classroom. Watch for more rooms like these in the future across campus.

Want to Schedule?

To schedule the room for 1 instance, you can schedule an event in Google Calendar and set the meeting room as LP 201. You can also subscribe to the LP 201 calendar within Google Calendar, to view availability for the room.

Your requests will be evaluated by Shelly Belflower for approval. If you have any questions you can reach her at

If you would like to teach in the classroom on a semester basis, please fill out the below form for approval.

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