2015-16 Survey Summaries


  • The Adult Learner Inventory is an ideal satisfaction assessment for adult students completing undergraduate programs. It is a web-based survey that shows how satisfied your students are, and what's most important to them. This combination helps pinpoint both the institution's strengths and areas for improvement.  The survey is broken into eight different scales based on the Principles of Effectiveness for Serving Adult Learners from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (CAEL).  The survey was sent to 3200 students and 383 students responded for an 11% response rate.

          Adult Learner Inventory

  • The Graduate Survey is a follow-up survey that represents a collaborative effort between WSU Student Affairs, Alumni Services, and the academic colleges.  The survey collects data on recent graduates.  It is designed as a tool to assist faculty and administration in planning curriculum and advising students.  This survey is administered electronically to students three months after they graduated in the Spring.  The following link include Graduate Survey data for multiple years.

           The Graduate Survey

  • The Recreation and Wellness Benchmark is an online assessment that is administered in fall or spring of an academic year to a sample of users and non-users of on-campus recreational facilities and programs. The assessment provides actionable data on student utilization of different recreational facilities, activities, and programs, social, academic, emotional, and health-related outcomes of utilizing campus recreation, student satisfaction with facilities, activities, and programs and recreational needs and expectations of students and other constituents.  Total Respondents: 303

           NASPA Consortium: Campus Recreation