2010-11 Survey Summaries

The summaries below include the error margin and confidence level for each survey. When surveying students, a random sample was selected. A random sample is selected so that we can get an estimation of what all students think without causing survey fatigue with so many surveys. Since we are using a sample, there is an error margin. This means that if one statistic says "36% of students say...." and there is a 5% error margin that we can guesstimate that between 31%-41% of students believe this. The error margin essentially provides a range within which the actual percentage will fall. The confidence level tells us how confident we can be with the results and this sample error. Within WSU Student Affairs Assessment and Research, we aim for a 95% confidence level.

  • The Profile of Today’s College Students is an extensive instrument examining student characteristics and beliefs. Because of the length, the survey is divided into the following sections: academic integrity, academic involvement, campus involvement, diversity, future aspirations, health and wellness, media and communication, and student opinions. Each student received a random selection of sections. This survey was administered 11/2/2010-12/31/2010. 426 students responded for a 4.8% sample error with a 95% confidence level.

    Profile of Today's College Student PDF

  • The Tobacco Free Campus Survey was initiated and designed by members of the WSUSA Senate with help from the Student Wellness Office. The survey was administered to WSU students, faculty, and staff on March 3, 2011 and remained open until April 21, 2011. Because 474 individuals responded (including 232 Students, 63 Faculty, and 160 Staff members), these results are generalizable to the WSU population with a 4.5% sample error at a 95% confidence level.

    Tobacco Free Campus Survey PDF

  • The Weber State University Commuter Survey was administered through the use of the StudentVoice for the Energy and Sustainability Office. This survey gathered data on WSU's total carbon emissions and repsorts the University's progress towards meeting the carbon reduction targets outlined in WSU's Climate Action Plan. The survey was administered February 7, 2011 through March 28, 2011. A total of 301 students and 363 faculty/staff completed the survey. This results in a confidence level of 95% for the faculty/staff and student populations with a 5% sample error for students and 4% sample error for faculty/staff.

    Commuter Survey Summary PDF

  • NASPA (Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education) and StudentVoice developed the civic engagement survey instrument as part of NASPA’s Assessment and Knowledge Consortium. This survey was administered 3/7/2011-3/28/2011. Information was gathered from 221 students, which results in a 6.6% sample error at a 95% confidence level.

    Civic Engagement Survey PDF