Grading Credit / No Credit (CR/NC) Courses

If a course is offered only as credit/no credit, the appropriate grade to submit for students who successfully completed the course and earned credit is an ‘A’ which results in a ‘CR’ (Credit) posted to the transcript. If the student did not successfully complete the course and should not earn credit then the appropriate grade to submit is an ‘E’ and an ‘NC’ (or No Credit) will post to the transcript.

If a course is offered as a standard graded course, and a student has opted to complete the course on a credit/no credit basis by the University Calendar Deadline, the appropriate grade to submit is the ACTUAL grade the student earned.  Students are not required to inform instructors that they have elected to take the course as CR/NC, and the grading system will not indicate a CR/NC grade mode.  The grading system will automatically convert original standard grades that an instructor submits to the appropriate CR or NC status. A standard grade of A through C- equates to CR (Credit), while D+ through E will result in NC (No Credit).