Annual Purple Ladle Soup Competition

Annually, on the second Tuesday of Novemeber, the Office of Sponsored Project's hosts the Purple Ladle Soup Competition. Folks from the Miller Administration Building and other departments on campus are able to make a soup for the competition. Each year, new judges are selected to taste-test the soups and select a first, second, and third place winner. After judging has been completed, everyone is invited to visit OSP's office suite to enjoy a variety of soups and desserts. Those who come to eat on soup day have the opportunity to vote for the People's Choice Award--the final award given by OSP for the soup that receives the most votes from those who have come to eat! The Purple Ladle Soup Competition began in 2012, and the event gets larger, more exciting and competitive each year. If you have questions about Purple Ladle or are interested in participating or competing in a future competition, please contact Cheryl Jacobson at


2022 Purple Ladle Soup Competition Results

First Place: Patrick Thomas, Wildcat Purple Thai Curry

Second Place: Sarah Webber, Mulligatawny

Third Place: Brooke Lindgren, Chicken Enchilada

People's Choice: Marci Palmer, Creamy Vegetable Potato

Recipes for all the soups entered in this year's competition can be found here.

A special thanks to this year's judges: Ravi Krovi, John Schwiebert, Deborah Uman, Gina Naisbitt, and Josh Ford

Thanks to all who have competed and participated in the Purple Ladle Competition!!!

A special thanks to Cheryl Jacobson for coordinating the Purple Ladle Soup Competition!