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Studying Women's Imaging at Weber State

Weber State’s women's imaging emphasis will prepare you for a career as a licensed mammographer. 

Women's Imaging Highlights

Mammography is an important screening and diagnostic imaging tool for women's health. These exams help diagnose breast cancer and other issues that affect women's breast health, and help women get the treatment they need to overcome these health conditions.

In this program, you will learn to do screening and diagnostic 2D and 3D mammograms, and various types of biopsies including breast masses, calcifications, lymph nodes and needle localizations of masses that will be surgically removed.

Beyond the Classroom

You will have one semester of clinicals where you will learn to perform the various exams required of a mammographer while working in the clinical setting with other technologists.

What You’ll Learn at Weber

You will take a clinical class where you will work with patients and mammo technologists to learn to perform all types of mammograms. On campus, you'll also take courses such as:

  • Anatomy and positioning
  • Equipment and quality assurance 
  • patient care

You will also take some additional courses to complete a BS degree requirements including research methods, and a thesis course as well as some upper division imaging-specific courses. 

What You Can Do After Weber

Work as a licensed mammographer, or pursue another specialty in the ever-evolving world of healthcare. Weber State also offers several other Advanced Radiologic Sciences degrees.

Career & Salary Outlook

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