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Studying Nutrition Education at Weber State

Weber State nutrition education majors learn all aspects of nutrition, from diet design to current issues, and prepare for graduate studies in a wide range of careers.

Nutrition Education Highlights

Weber State’s nutrition education program prepares you for graduate studies or a career as a non-registered dietitian nutritionist. We also offer the only nutrition education major in Utah with options to concentrate in integrative nutrition or sports nutrition.

Beyond the Classroom

You can gain farm-to-fork experience and promote sustainable food practices by working in a nutrition food laboratory, garden and greenhouse.

What You’ll Learn at Weber

Weber State nutrition education majors study nutrition for food values, diet design, health, cultural sensitivity, lifespan, fitness and current issues. Studies will also be tailored to your area of concentration:
Integrative Nutrition
Study sustainable cooking, exercise prescription and other related subjects in athletic training, botany, child and family studies, communications, health, microbiology, physical education, psychology and/or professional sales.
Sports Nutrition
Study sports nutrition, diet therapy, advanced human nutrition, anatomy, physiology, chemistry and other related subjects in athletic training, exercise and sport science, physical education and/or psychology.

What You Can Do After Weber

Upon graduation, you’ll be prepared for a wide range of graduate and doctoral programs, or for employment in an integrative nutrition field, including careers in:

  • Research laboratories
  • Sports teams and athletic and health clubs
  • Food distributors and grocers
  • Service companies and associations
  • Public relations, marketing and consulting firms
  • Medical and wellness centers
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • School systems, colleges and universities
  • Private practices
  • Pharmaceutical and sales companies
  • Day care centers and summer camps
  • Government entities
  • Nutritional websites and publications
  • Anti-poverty organizations

Career & Salary Outlook

Common careers for nutrition education graduates in the U.S. and Utah
Descriptions, job outlook, salary information and more... 

Faculty Perspective

Our nutrition courses have well-organized objectives and goals developed to provide students with practical and useful knowledge for day-to-day use and for professional development.

David Aguilar Alvare