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Studying Interventional Radiology at Weber State

Weber State’s interventional radiology emphasis propels students into the heart of a dynamic field where cutting-edge imaging techniques merge seamlessly with hands-on patient care.

Interventional Radiology Highlights

Picture yourself in an environment similar to an operating room, where sterility and precision are paramount. Here, you will not only witness but actively participate in the art of healing, collaborating with IR technologists, nurses, and radiologists.

If you crave the thrill of innovation, relish the opportunity to learn something new daily, and thrive in high-stakes patient care scenarios, interventional radiology beckons.

Beyond the Classroom

With the demand for interventional radiology technologists skyrocketing, healthcare facilities are eager to welcome and mentor our students. In addition to your academic work, you will dive into 24 hours per week of clinical immersion, where every moment offers a chance to expand your skills and knowledge.

What You’ll LEARN at Weber

You will learn where diagnostic and therapeutic procedures mesh, fueled by the latest innovations in imaging technology. From biopsies to vascular therapy, you will use the guidance of fluoroscopy, ultrasound and CT to guide every procedure.

What You CAN DO After Weber

Graduates of Weber State’s interventional radiology program can work in healthcare facilities as radiologic technologists and technicians.

If you have questions, contact a WSU Career Advisor.