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Studying Computational Statistics & Data Science at Weber State

Are you curious, creative and data-savvy? Enjoy problem solving? The role of statistics has evolved into the digital age of big data and statistical methods that require these attributes to provide insights and innovation in science, engineering and business.

This degree program is intended to help meet growing national demand in the fields of statistics and data science, which was the "best job in America" according to Glassdoor in 2018.

Computational Statistics & Data Science Highlights

This is an interdisciplinary field that focuses on statistics and computer science, as well as application of that knowledge. You'll learn modern data skills that are not offered in any other degree on campus.

Beyond the Classroom

You'll find research opportunities with professors that want to work one-on-one with you. Also, you can join Math Factor, Weber State’s student mathematics club, to meet your peers, network with professionals and participate in social events.

Andrew Whetten

Class of 2017

“As a graduate student in statistics, my education at WSU was instrumental in the success and passion I have found in my current studies, as well as career opportunities. A motivated student will not find a more personalized and encouraging program that sincerely cares about the success of its students.”

What You’ll Learn at Weber

The computational statistics and data science program builds a useful skill set for aspiring data scientists, including:

  • Collecting large amounts of unruly data and transforming it into a more usable format
  • Working with a variety of programming languages such as R and Python, as well as integrating these skill with a database
  • Communicating and collaborating with both IT and business professionals
  • Looking for order and patterns in data, as well as spotting trends that can help a business’s bottom line
  • A solid statistical, computational and mathematical background used in an applied setting

What You Can Do After Weber

Data science is revolutionizing a wide range of fields, creating careers in manufacturing, marketing, energy, medicine and many more areas looking to use data-driven analysis to improve efficiency and decision making.

A bachelor’s degree in computational statistics and data science also can provide opportunities nationally in graduate schools in statistics, mathematics and computer science programs, as well as in the growing master’s-level study of data science.

Career & Salary Outlook

Common careers for computational statistics and data science graduates in the U.S. and Utah
Descriptions, job outlook, salary information and more...

Faculty Perspective


Statistics and data science is an exciting interdisciplinary field that is transforming the world and offers exciting career opportunities. Come be a part of it with small class sizes and friendly faculty at Weber State.

Julian Chan