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Studying Chemistry at Weber State

Weber State’s chemistry program offers you the skills and experience to help solve many of the world’s problems as an expert in the composition, structure and properties of substances.

Chemistry Highlights

Weber State’s chemistry degrees are certified by the American Chemical Society.

While earning your chemistry degree, you can participate in research opportunities that allow you to apply your knowledge of chemistry to real-world problems.

Beyond the Classroom

Weber State chemistry majors often gain work experience in WSU’s chemistry stockroom, as university lab assistants or in off-campus chemistry jobs.

What You’ll Learn at Weber

As a chemistry student, you will study the composition, structure and properties of substances, learn how they interact, see the transformations they undergo and discover how you can use your knowledge to help improve the world.

You will learn instrumentation to determine molecular properties to help you identify substances and to predict how reactions will produce new and useful compounds.

The chemistry teaching degree also provides background in teaching methods, laboratory safety and foundations of science education.



What You Can Do After Weber

With your chemistry degree, you’ll have the skills to work on solving many problems facing the world, from food safety to pollution control.

Graduates work in a wide range of industries, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Environmental safety
  • Forensic science
  • Government
  • Education

Your chemistry degree also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies in chemistry, chemical engineering and related fields.

Career & Salary Outlook

Common careers for chemistry graduates in the U.S. and Utah
Descriptions, job outlook, salary information and more...