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Tanner, MTax '21

“I can’t emphasize enough how amazing Goddard professors are. Their patience and thoughtfulness helped me a lot throughout my career.”


I was finishing up my undergraduate degree in Accounting at Northern Arizona University and wanted to continue my education to get my CPA license and better prepare for my career. I wanted a school that was in the city I intended to start my career in, that also provided a solid tax program. WSU fit those requirements and so this is where I ended up!


I have always loved taxation and have always seen myself as a tax accountant. It just made sense to pursue higher education in the field in order to prepare myself for my career.


The advisor, Jeff Glover, and the professors make the Goddard School unique. Jeff helped me so much to decide on coming to school at WSU and guided me through everything I needed to know from application for attendance, to scholarships, to planning out a schedule that worked for me. He truly helped a bunch. The professors are also very knowledgeable and accomplished in their field, but have plenty of time for students even though they have many demands on their time with research and other items. 


Both Ryan Pace and Darcie Costello have made great impacts on my education. They have taught most of my classes and have challenged me in ways that I feel has prepared me well for a career in taxation. I had a few one on one conversations that allowed for some great coaching as well to guide me through some decisions that have gotten me to where I am.


I would definitely recommend the Goddard school to students considering a Master's degree. They have a great tax program and offer awesome scholarships. My biggest tip is to make sure to apply for scholarships and to not blow off the application as it is worth it.