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Shaelyn, MTax '22

“Everyone has to start out somewhere, and the Goddard School provides opportunities to get your career off to a great start."


I attended USU for my undergrad in accounting. During those years, I was hired as an intern at Davis & Bott CPAs. While at Davis & Bott I wrestled with the decision that would be coming - where to get my master’s degree. A couple of the CPAs at Davis & Bott attended WSU and went through the MTax program and loved it. The MTax program came highly recommended to me. Needless to say, I was sold and I ultimately decided that I wanted to go through the MTax as well.


After taking an introduction to accounting class in my undergraduate degree, I found that I enjoyed learning the material, and that I wanted to keep learning. I knew that this was a field that I would be able to grow and develop myself in, and that accounting as a major was what I wanted to pursue. 


What made Goddard School unique to me was firstly, the flexibility. The different learning options allowed for me to enjoy my personal life and develop in my professional life while still succeeding in school. The flexibility was also unique in that you still received great instruction from professors, even in a nontraditional learning environment. Secondly, I think that the Goddard School is unique for its incredible professors. So many of the professors have the ability to make the material easy to understand and apply.


Darcie Costello was an amazing professor. She was able to explain information so clearly and had a passion that made me excited to learn, and to apply all of my new skills and knowledge to my work and career.


I would urge future students to start networking early on, and to not be afraid that you are under qualified when considering potential opportunities. Everyone has to start out somewhere, and the Goddard School provides opportunities to get your career off to a great start.


I am currently a Tax Associate at Eide Bailly LLP. I plan to continue to develop my professional skills and look for opportunities to advance into roles where I will have the potential to mentor and help develop future students and individuals. As I progress in my career, I hope to continue learning!