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Kyler, MTax '21

“The professors in the MTax program are next-level. Their real-world experience was clear from day one and made the courses enjoyable and applicable.”


I initially planned to pursue a career in healthcare. While taking Introduction to Accounting as one of my general education classes, I quickly realized that accounting was what I enjoyed, and what made me excited. I changed my education path and was able to complete my bachelor's with a major in accounting. While taking an individual tax class in my undergraduate degree I was so fascinated that I looked for a tax internship to begin my professional career. Gaining experience in that field is what made me decide to choose the MTAX program.


Coming out of my undergrad I quickly realized that public accounting was going to be the right fit for me. Going through a master’s program that was tax heavy was a no-brainer. The MTax is so applicable to someone that wants to practice public accounting in their hometown as well as prepare for the CPA exam.


A Master of Taxation degree is an obvious unique offering of the Goddard School. Beyond the degree offering, the professors in the MTax program are next level. Their real-world experience was clear from day one and made the courses enjoyable and applicable. I frequently felt like my experience was different than a typical college course, which was much appreciated. 


Ryan, Eric, and Darcie are all fantastic. Their real-world experience contributed to a learning environment that you could take something from and apply it at work the next day. Ryan’s attempts at humor kept you engaged. Eric’s ability to bring you through the history of a topic and apply it to the current law helped you understand the bigger picture. Darcie’s thoughtfulness and feedback made you feel like you were making progress. The combination of those three made for a great MTax experience. 


Figure out what you like and don’t like in the real-world. I wouldn’t make a career decision based on academic experiences. I would wait until you have experiences in the real-world. Part of why I appreciated the MTax so much was because there was consistency between the academics and the real-world. 


I work at Davis & Bott CPAs in Brigham City, UT. I plan to continue on the CPA path and take the tests in the near future. My future is with Davis & Bott CPAs and I plan to grow with the company and the great people involved there.