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Braxton, MTax '19

“Without my education at Weber State and the support of my friends and family, I would have never thought what I do today would be possible.”


I grew up in Ogden, UT and have lived here my whole life. I love the Ogden area and never saw any reason to leave. I worked at the Weber State Bookstore for a year before leaving on an LDS Mission to Malaga Spain. I then came back and worked at the bookstore again for another year. I began my college career pursuing the nursing program when I first started and then realized that my aspirations were more focused on the business world. After a lot of school that didn’t help me work towards business, I came down from the top of campus to the Goddard School. Once I started taking classes I knew I made the right switch. With tuition being relatively cheap and great professors, there is/was no reason to go anywhere else.


I chose this major because I felt like it would be the best degree to prepare me for the future in business. I have learned many times that only 2 things are sure in life - death and taxes. If I can understand taxes, I can help myself be a little more successful in the business world.


I think the Goddard School is very unique in the fact that class sizes are relatively small. Interactions with classmates and teachers were always beyond what I believe I could have got somewhere else. I was also able to reach out to any of my professors and receive guidance, help, and even the answers because of how much they cared. There are so many resources available at Goddard, but by far the best are the professors themselves. Couldn’t be happier with what they bring to the table.


I started the business school with the idea that I wanted something business related, but not sure exactly what I wanted to focus on. After taking my first class with Professor Ryan Pace, I knew that I wanted to focus on tax. I went back and forth many times on deciding to continue my education after my Masters Degree and become a tax lawyer like he was because of how much of an impact he had on me as a person and a student. He made really complex tax problems manageable and applicable into real life situations. If every professor was a Pace, tuition should be $1 million every semester because of the applicable knowledge you learn. What you learn from him, you will see in the real world within the next week.

I would like to thank Professor Dave Noack. Professor Noack was not a professor that was directly related to my major, but I had one class with him that I had to take to complete my Bachelors Degree. His class caused you to think beyond your own beliefs, pushed your limits and understanding, and made you look beyond a problem to a solution. What really stood out to me was how much he truly cares about each student. I had his class at night, and he would stay after class for as long as anyone needed. He wanted everyone to succeed and that is how I want to be as a person. Be proud of other’s successes rather than my own. If I could do it over again, I would get an Entrepreneurship minor just to take more classes from him.


If anyone is considering the Goddard School, stop considering and jump in. You will not regret the decision to continue your education. There are many majors and many options available within the Goddard School of Business that you can change and change again and become very successful. 


Today, I currently work for a small business in the Ogden area as a controller. This business is unique in the fact that the owners own 10 other companies. My accounting work ranges from taxes for individuals and business, to environmental clean-up, to factoring of invoices. It keeps me on my toes and no day is ever the same as the other. This job has really helped me to see what goes in to start a business and help it grow. This allowed me to start my own business and actually own a Twisted Sugar in Logan (if you don’t know what Twisted Sugar is, go there, try a cookie and thank me later). Without my education at Weber State and without the support of my friends and family I would have never thought what I do today would have been possible. What I have learned from Weber State is that you can do anything you want. We can all do hard things. I'm so proud to say that I am living out my aspirations. Somehow going from a weird high school kid to a business owner still feels surreal to me. I hope to continue working where I work and continue owning my own business and maybe a few more businesses down the road.