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Erin, MAcc'19

“At the Goddard Business School, I found myself in a culture that was very accepting and supportive of my status as a non-traditional student. They provided me with an education that seemed to be tailored with both quality and function in mind.”


My mom was always a driving force in my education and pushed the importance of higher education. She is ridiculously smart but was not able to attend college herself. As a young woman, her mom moved to the states from Puerto Rico to go to school but was not able to finish. With the goal in mind to break the cycle and be a first generation graduate and the first woman in my maternal lineage to get a degree, I enrolled at WSU after graduating high school in 2001. 

Despite my best intentions, I married and started my family at a young age, just like my mom and her mom. Struggling with my newfound responsibilities, I finished my associates degree and gave up. However, my stubborn mom never gave up. She relentlessly pushed me for years to finish the accounting degree that I started. With the support of my husband, family, and friends, I re-enrolled at WSU in 2016 as a working mother of four. 

At the Goddard Business School, I found myself in a culture that was very accepting and supportive of my status as a non-traditional student. I had an amazing experience that paved the path to not only finish my accounting degree, but to complete the master of accounting program.


My passion for business and love of numbers drove me to study accounting. To me, accounting is the heart and circulatory system of any business or government. 


The Goddard School provided me with education that seemed to be tailored with both quality and function in mind. Most of the Goddard School professors not only have impressive backgrounds in education, but also in industry and practice. The ability of the professors to apply technical information to their real world experiences enabled me to understand the material on a higher level. This level of education was only possible for me because the School also has flexible class schedules and affordable tuition. I really don't know if you can find that trio anywhere else.


Attending several of the Ralph Nye Lecture Series luncheons was the most helpful activity that I was able to participate in. Speaking to professionals used to give me a lot of anxiety. These lunches gave me an opportunity in a safe space to learn how to introduce myself and become more comfortable speaking in professional settings. I later participated in the MAcc study abroad trip to Italy and was able to further practice and expand upon those skills.


Before attending Dr. James Hansen's undergrad audit class, I did not have the desire to enroll in the master's program or get my CPA license. He inspired me to dream bigger, planted the seeds for my career, and prepared me for the Audit portion of the CPA exam. 

I literally heard Dr. Pace's voice and visualized his drawings in my head as I was taking the REG portion of the CPA exam. His teaching method is extremely engaging and helped me to pass that exam. 

Dr. Costello was a great role model to me and exemplifies the high quality of education that is available at WSU. 

Dr. Mouritsen and Dr. Smith led our study abroad trip to Italy. I learned more about leadership by watching them on that trip than in any classroom or book I've read. Dr. Mouritsen will always be a source of inspiration to me.

Dr. Noack pushed me to be better and work harder, Terri Morgan drilled finance formulas forever in my head, and the Stakeholder Trust Model taught by Dr. Shaun Hansen is also often on my mind.


The Goddard School should be at the top of any future student's list. Any business-minded person will appreciate the high quality, affordability, and flexibility of a degree there. My advice for incoming students is to not set limits for yourself. Take that leap of faith because you might be surprised where you end up!


While in the undergrad program, a fellow student and friend referred me to an opening for an audit position at Child Richards, CPA. The grind of audit and public accounting is real, but so is the reward and satisfaction. Child Richards has been very supportive of my goals and also offered flexibility when I needed it most. I am looking forward to growing and furthering my career there.