Physical therapy student wraps a patients leg

Earn an Online Bachelor’s Degree in Rehabilitation Sciences

Take the next step in your healthcare training by earning an online* bachelor’s degree in rehabilitation sciences. With this bachelor’s program, you’ll be prepared to advance into your healthcare graduate studies and be a leader in your field.

*Program contains one course with a hands-on clinical, to be completed near your place of residency

To begin this program, apply to WSU and then to the program:
1. Apply for admission to Weber State University as a Distance Learner
2.  Apply for admission to the Rehabilitation Sciences (RHS) program (after being admitted to WSU)
Learn How to Apply to the RHS Program 

Program Highlights


This online program is tailored to your schedule. Complete coursework any time of day, and participate in your clinical work close to home.


Whether you’re headed for an advanced degree in the future or want a leg up from the job you’re already in, this degree builds on the therapy-focused foundation you’ve created.


This degree will provide you with a strong foundation in orthopedics as you prepare for graduate studies in physical therapy, athletic training, occupational therapy, medicine, or physician assistant studies. 

Program Details


You’ll learn orthopedic assessment, therapeutic modalities, therapeutic rehabilitation, and healthcare management.


As part of your participation, receive one-on-one faculty advisement for graduate school.
Review the list of RHS courses including when each course is offered and in which format(s).
Visit the advising page for this program if you are a certified/licensed PTA to see which courses 
will be waived for you.

Hands-On Opportunities

Even in our online program, receive hands-on skills practice at a clinic site near you.

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