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Advanced Construction Management Certificate

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Prepare to Earn the Advanced Construction Management Professional Certification

This course will build upon BCMP certification and help empower you to earn ACMP certification by introducing you to tools and concepts such as stakeholder management, scope development and management, cost estimation, resource planning and more. You must first earn the BCMP certification prior to enrolling in this course.

About the Course

This program is based on the NACP Construction Management Professional Standard. It consists of a three-day, in-person project simulation and instructor assessment, online self-assessment, online scenario-based assessment and supervisor assessment.

About the Assessments

Candidates for the credential will receive a comprehensive four-part assessment that covers overall performance. The assessment begins with an in-person instructor assessment followed by three online assessments: a self-assessment, a scenario-based assessment and a supervisor assessment.

The average score from all four components combined must be greater than 3.3 in order to receive ACMP credential. Students who do not meet that score must wait six months after receiving their final report to retake any assessments in which they scored lower than a 3.3 ($200 per online assessment, $500 for the in-person assessment).



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Petersen, a doctor of science in engineering management, has over 25 years of experience in project management and leadership. He has provided services in five contents in every industry. He is a U.S. Army veteran, owner of multiple businesses, published author and educator.

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Advanced Construction Management Certificate