Weber State News and Signpost cover the Wind damage to WSU

Dec. 2, 2011

The crazy winds on campus really stirred things up yesterday, Drew Tyler and Shane Farver both had students in the thick of it.

Scott McIntyre from WSN shot video on his iPhone and uploaded it to our YouTube account and Corie Sue Holmes from the signpost shared it on her facebook and twitter accounts. I believe she sent it to @benwinslow of Fox13 directly, after that It was shared over and over again, eventually ending up being embedded on nearly all of the major news sites. I believe it was used in online multimedia stories for KSL, Fox13, ABC4, SLTrib and the Standard.. we had over 300 views before noon.

Fox13 put it in their noon newscast, and other stations added it to their late news. Apparently one of the stations forwarded the video to one of the National broadcasts... and today it hit 20,000 views.

All thanks to the quick work and social chops of our students embracing the 'new.' Here's the link to one of the videos Our students did a fantastic job of covering that storm.

It was even a special issue for The Signpost, and they tackled both the breaking news and the extra section. We have good reason to be proud of both WSN and Signposters!