Senior Project

Our Senior Project course (CM 4620) covers the application of skills, knowledge, techniques and concepts to an actual construction project. 

Emphasis is placed on integrated project management, including estimating and bidding, project organization and control and project documentation.

CM 4620 should be taken the last semester before graduation. Faculty must approve each student’s application. 




At a minimum the following courses
must have been taken:

CMT 2210 or CMT 3210
CMT 3115
CMT 3130
CMT 3210
CMT 3370
CMT 4120
CMT 4330 or CMT 3350
PS 3250  or
(NET 3250 or NTM 3250)

How to Apply

Turn in your completed senior project application to the CM office. Be sure to verify remaining courses and that all prerequisites are met.

Meet with your academic
advisor before starting the course.

Download your
Senior Project Application.

PDF Version

Applications for Senior Project
Spring 2019 applications are due November 1, 2018.

Contact Information

Andrea Stuart
CM Department Secretary