Projects Funded in 1999-2000


Dept. Faculty Project Amount Funded
CS/IS&T B. Davis Hi-res projector $4499
Physics F. Amiri PC for classroom
Fortran compiler
Microbiology M. Sondossi Hi-res projector $4499
CS R. Peterson perm mount projector $3810
Foreign Lang. T. Spanos PC and Mac for display cart $3000
SS&T C. Grunander Hi-res projector $4499
Math T. Szabo projector $3292
HPHP T. Ruden 1500 Lumen projector $4896
Chemistry T. Johnson Elmo $2700
CEET B. Clapp ceiling mount projector $3292
CHP Learn Center G. Christensen notebook and projector $6661
Rad. Sci. S. Caldwell projector $3144
Zoo R. Okazaki G3 Powerbook $2500
Physics C. Inglefield PC and Inkjet printer $2000
Perform Arts T. Brakel G3, keyboard, misc. $2500
TB&E A. Talbot copies of Photoshop $2500
Botany C. Trivett PC and camcorder $3800
Ch&Fam St J. Bird camera and computer $4120
Library J. Lamborn remote authentication $8500
Library J. Lamborn DVD stations $1730
Physics D. Ostlie 4 copies of Fortran compiler $1842
Visual Arts M. Biddle font library (6 licenses) $2400
Visual Arts M. Biddle scanner $1196
Comm R. Halley hyperresearch software $740
Microbiology M. Sandossi software: Anitmicrob
Foreign Lang T. Spanos software:
oral test site lic.
HPHP T. Ruden pc, monitors $2000
Science T. Johnson 8 pcs $9600
Comm T. Sanders Audio Lab $5000
Comm T. Sanders camera, case, battery $2406
Visual Arts J. Jacobs CD-ROM recorder, auto feeder $830
Health Sci D. Boswell software: 16 copies of biomedical $4800
Nursing C. Hannan laptop pc $2500
Dental Hyg S. Toevs software: clinical perf & grading $4000
Clin Lab K. Criddle pc $1400
Comp. Support Betty Tucker tech staff $15,000
TOTAL $129,000