WSU String Project

The Weber State University's String Project is a program for students to have an opportunity to play a stringed instrument. The String Project is an organization built under the National String Project Consortium (NSPC). The NSPC has a focus on increasing the number of students presented with the opportunity to learn to play a stringed instrument, and to ensure the best experience to future educators.Teachers work under the instruction of their master teacher Eileen Dempsey. Classes are offered at the University, and the project also travels to multiple Ogden County elementary schools to teach orchestra. The String Project is also affiliated with of the American String Teacher Association (ASTA) and is continuously progressing with new ideas from this organization. The String Project is currently under the direction of Dr. de Galvez. The String Project is especially grateful to Ogden Arts and RAMP for the funding they provide for the project to live and enjoy success. 


Spring Information: 

Why play a musical instrument? 
Registration is available for fall semester.

Time Schedules for your planning: 


String Project: 

  • I: 4:40-5:30
  • II: 5:40-6:30
Primo (2nd year beginner):4:40-5:30
Vivace: 5:40-6:30

Bonneville Youth (auditions will still be open through October): 


No Classes On:

February 16
Week of March 9-13


String Project Classes:

Students grades 3-12 will be able to participate. Parents are encouraged to participate with their child for free. Any new students (other than beginner) joining the WSU String Project will be asked to play for a teacher on registration day to be placed in a proper class. Please prepare one piece that you are currently working on, and one scale. Primo: one octave scale, Vivace: one/two octave scale, and Phil: two/three octave scale.

Bonneville Youth Symphony Orchestra:

Bonneville Youth Orchestra is considered a stepping stone between the String Project Philharmonic and WSU College Orchestra. Auditions will be taken very seriously.
String auditions will require two pieces prepared, one piece needs to be fast and more technical, while the other is slow and legato. You will need to prepare one 3 octave scale. Auditions will be scheduled personally with each student upon registration. Bonneville Youth auditions will remain open.