WSU String Project

Site under construction for fall registration. All String Project classes (beginning, primo, vivace, philharmonic) will start on September 22, and Bonneville Youth will start on September 24. 

Time Schedules for your planning: 

String Project: 
Beginning I: 4:40-5:30
Beginning II: 5:40-6:30
Primo (2nd year beginner):4:40-5:30
Vivace: 5:40-6:30
Philharmonic (Advanced): 5:40-6:30

Bonneville Youth: 


Any new students (other than beginner) joining the WSU String Project will be asked to play for a teacher on registration day to be placed in a proper class. Please prepare one piece that you are currently working on, and one scale. Primo: one octave scale, Vivace: one/two octave scale, and Phil: two/three octave scale.

Bonneville Youth Orchestra is considered a stepping stone between the String Project Philharmonic and WSU College Orchestra. Auditions will be taken very seriously. Auditions will require two pieces prepared, one piece needs to be fast and more technical, while the other is slow and legato. You will need to prepare one 3 octave scale in three different rhythms. 4 bows per note (detache), 4 notes per bow (spicatto), and one note per bow. 


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